Sahabat Lama JS collab freebie

>> March 17, 2010

Another collab freebie. Few things, girls. First we decided to give name to our gank. It's funny, we've been hang out for almost a year and only now we seriiously thinking to have a name. It's Jakarta Scrapper. Jakarta is our capital. Ok, you knew that we are Indonesians, right? :p

The other thing is, we have a new member. The youngest among us! meet Meta (Mizz Kitten). She is not only talented but also quite funny and freshen up our gank a little bit.

Ok, now the most interesting part (at least that's what i think, lol). We are thinking to  introduce more about our beloved little country, Indonesia by using our language for the title.. tadaaa!! hahaha.. I hope you dont mind. We use it only on title anyway, all the wordarts and everything else are still in english. This month, our hot host chose a friendship theme, it's Sahabat Lama, I translated it as Dear old friend, but sahabat is best friend. Lama is old, antique, vintage, long period of time. So, you might like to translate it as antique friend, lol. te he he, you know what I do when I get bored? I will play in google translate. Translating from english to Indonesian.. I would get a heartly laugh!

to make it looks professional, we also made our own packaging. So we proudly present, Sahabat Lama:
Pixelily made the preview as she is the host for this month. It's beautiful, I love it!

check out other girls blog, too:
Pixelily, Miss Kitten, Aprilisa, and Blueorchid. Enjoy them, dear friends, as we do!


aqua marine cluster freebie

>> March 16, 2010

another freebie created using Aqua Marine kit.

this is a cluster freebie, you can easily put on your own photo and background. hope you enjoy it.

grab it from the shop.


Aqua Marine kit

>> March 15, 2010

I am thinking of creating series of birthstones. Since this month is March (which happen to be my birth month), so the birthstone is Aquamarine.

I just love the colors, the pale blue and the shaby brownies.

As a sampler, here is the QP freebie for you.

Download it here.

And here is the preview of the kit. I spent the whole weekend creating this kit, lol. I hope you like it.

click the image to see it in bigger preview

$4.50 and get a 28% off, it's $3.25 for 3 days only in DSC.
Included 12 papers, 37 elements and a set of alpha (upper and lower case).


opening store

>> March 9, 2010

I am so thrilled to announce that I just open my store In Digital Scrap Cafe. Come check my stuffs and take advantage of the 50% discount for a week.

ads created by my dear friend, Sarah (Scraps by Sarah) which is happen to be my first CT ;-)


Free Spirit ADSD collab freebie

>> March 1, 2010

Free Spirit is the theme of this month collab freebie. Here is my part, i hope you like it.

and here is the download link.
edited: if the OSS didnt work properly, pls try 4shared.
(thanks for letting me know about the download link, i'm sorry for the inconvenience, girls).

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Laura Lee

have fun collecting all of them, happy scrapping!


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